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More Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals Seeking Business Loans

It’s no surprise that there is an increased need for loans and financial solutions amongst healthcare professionals. This is a trend that is occurring across the country in a variety of economic settings. Since 2000, which many consider the beginning of the country’s financial recession, there has been a tenfold increase in the number of government-backed SBA and Conventional business loans to independent pharmacy owners and healthcare professionals. These professionals include pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and medical doctors—a major sector of our economy.

Why the increase?
Many business expenses have risen in recent years. These include increased costs of rent, equipment, over head, changing regulations, increasing drug costs, and decreased health insurance reimbursement. This leaves many practicing professionals needing to revitalize their business—a process that often requires some capital. In particular, private healthcare practice professionals in the independent pharmacy, dental, veterinary, medical and optical space have been hit hard by this, as many of their overhead costs have increased in recent years.

What are pharmacy and healthcare practice loans used for?
Pharmacists and healthcare practitioners use business loans for anything from payroll expenses, incorporating digital record management, starting and expanding their practice, and to acquiring new equipment. Anything needed can be funded through a pharmacy or commercial healthcare practice loan. For new practitioners, this can be a valuable way of establishing your business and meeting major expenses before cash flow starts rolling in; for experienced and seasoned practitioners, this can be a perfect opportunity to modernize your business or offer a competitive advantage that nobody else in town has.

Can my pharmacy or healthcare practice benefit from a loan?
Chances are, if you have analyzed your finances and operating costs and found a need, a business loan can help you fill that need. You can use working capital to make valuable additions to your pharmacy or practice that will allow it to grow and expand. This will not only increase revenue and cash flow, but will provide valuable services to your clients. If you are considering a pharmacy or healthcare practice loan, you are joining thousands of successful private healthcare practitioners and pharmacists that have gotten their start in the same manner.

5 Tips in Securing the Best Pharmacy or Healthcare Practice Loan

Pharmacy and healthcare practice loans are a hot topic. They allow new veterinary, dental, medical, optical, and pharmacy practitioners, those who are relocating, expanding, or refinancing their pharmacy or practice to do so in an economical way. However, knowing which rates, terms or conditions are best for your particular specialty takes due diligence!

1. Shop Around
Different lenders will offer different options for pharmacy or healthcare practice loans—some may be perfect for your unique situation, others may be a bit less ideal. While it’s tempting to use the bank across the street from your pharmacy or veterinary practice, the bank you have your home loan with, or the bank that you have been frequenting since you got your first job, the bank or lender that ultimately provides the commercial loan for your business can make or break your success. This is especially true in the fields of dentistry, veterinary services, medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.  A number of different options exist for specialty  healthcare practice and pharmacy loans, and you want to find the best one possible. Consider not only calling around or looking on the internet, but going in person to see what your options are with local banks. There are a number of different options, and even if you do your banking with a local bank, they still may not provide the appropriate financing that you need. By doing your homework, you may save yourself a lot money and wasted time!

2. Make sure to use the right borrowing tool
A loan is a loan, right? Not necessarily. There may be different options for those who are seeking to expand their dental, veterinary, medical, optical, or pharmacy facilities, incorporate new technology, or accommodate temporary increases in spending. No matter what your financial needs are, making sure that you understand and are able to communicate these needs with your lender will help you to secure the right type of loan for your needs, at the best interest rates, terms and conditions available.

3. Try to cover your operating costs with income
A high rate working capital loan or line of credit can be a great temporary solution to relieve a cash flow crunch, but running on a constant line of credit can quickly kill your pharmacy or practice cash flow. Constant borrowing to make ends meet is never a good idea for a household, and it is just as unadvisable for a business. There are always exceptions, but in general, try to make sure that your pharmacy or practice’s revenue is adequate to cover your basic daily operating costs. Save your loans and credit lines for big expenditures and you will see greater returns.

4. Make sure your benefits outweigh your costs—and interest!
Business expenditures can have excellent returns—are you considering implementing the newest technology or building your dream pharmacy or veterinary, dental or healthcare practice that can accommodate twice the number of patients? Before diving in, consider the expected returns and the cost of interest on your pharmacy or practice loan. While our pharmacy and practice loans have some of the best interest rates around, if your costs are still going to exceed that amount, you may be better off waiting until the technology becomes less expensive. Take off the white coat, put on your business glasses, and work some numbers to determine just how much your investment will really pay off before committing yourself.

5. Stay on top of paperwork and accountability
Many business loans for joint pharmacists and healthcare practitioners include a clause of “joint and several” liability, which means that the business as a whole, as well as individual partners, are all liable for the loan. This means that every medical, optical, dental, veterinary, or pharmacy specialist will be jointly responsible for this loan. What happens if one of your partners leaves the firm? While that partner is still liable, the practice as a whole maintains liability as well, which could leave the remaining healthcare professionals in a tight situation. Read your documentation carefully and put into place a strong contingency plan that will allow you to be prepared in the event of anything that may occur.

Debt Consolidation & Increased Cash Flow through Refinancing

Pharmacy & Healthcare Practice Loans
Like most sectors of the financial world, independent pharmacy owners and healthcare professionals face increased business debt. A physician, veterinarian, dentist, or pharmacist, or may face a variety of long and short term loans that must be paid every month—often with very high interest rates. Since constant borrowing isn’t the best option, how can independent pharmacists and healthcare professionals decrease their debt and experience an immediate increase in monthly cash flow?

Specialized Loans offer Competitive Terms
Perhaps you took out a personal or small business loan when you first opened your business. This got your business started, but was it really the best option? Many of today’s independent pharmacy and practice loans are offered at highly competitive interest rates and attractive terms, allowing you to reduce your monthly outlay and increase your cash flow each month. Even a decrease of  50 basis points on your rate or an extension on your loan term can translate to thousands of dollars saved each month, which can help your practice and pharmacy grow. Further, for experienced healthcare professionals, with a strong credit history, business or practice equity, and with possibly other collateral available, may actually give you the ability to secure a far lower interest rate than one who is just starting out.

Consolidating Loans and Simplifying Your Accounting
Managing multiple short and long term loans can be a challenge for the best CPA’s and book keepers—for a busy pharmacist or healthcare professional, it can be very time consuming. By using the equity in your pharmacy or healthcare practice, you can consolidate all of your loans, simplify all of your accounting,  transition to one simple monthly payment, and possibly increase your cash flow all at the same time! This will reduce your time spent on business accounting, and allow you to focus on what you do best!

Flexible and Attractive Repayment Options
Pharmacy and healthcare practice loans offer the most flexible options and greatest amount of control for your business debt management and repayment. For example, you’ll experience better control of the amount of money that will be directed to your interest and principal amounts, allowing you to save money over the entire course of the loan. And if your pharmacy or practice suddenly starts taking off and bringing in increased cash flow, with many options and types of different loans available, you may opt to pay-off early! With many of our pharmacy, veterinary, dental, and healthcare practice loans, there are a variety of options.   You may be able to take advantage by having a lower monthly payment, longer term, and no prepayment penalty all at the same time!  No matter what your business and financing needs are, a complete refinance and debt consolidation  can be a strong option to reduce debt while increasing your cash flow!