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Top Benefits of Using an Attorney When Buying a Pharmacy of Healthcare Practice

If you’re looking to buy an independent pharmacy or healthcare practice, you may think you’re ready just by knowing the local competition and having familiarity with pharmacy or practice management. But did you know that there are many legal, business, and real estate-related concerns that you need to take into consideration? At US Medical Funding, we always encourage our pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, medical and healthcare professionals to seek the best experts to advise in financial matters, and when buying a pharmacy or practice, it’s no different. In fact, we like to encourage all our clients to seek the advice and representation of a skilled lawyer before finalizing your purchase. Here’s how an attorney improves your pharmacy or healthcare practice acquisition!

Irregularities on the Pharmacy, Practice or Commercial Property
The most important thing an attorney can do for your pharmacy, practice or real estate acquisition process is to help you free and clear-out any property irregularities to ensure a smooth and seamless sale. Pharmacies, veterinary, dental, medical practices and even older real estate properties found in many areas nationwide often have some of these challenges. Fortunately, these problems are much less likely to interfere with your pharmacy, practice or real estate acquisition when a skilled attorney assists you.

Outstanding Debts on the Assets Being Acquired
Does your pharmacy, practice or commercial property come with some strings attached? Unpaid obligations, promissory notes, liens, or even possible judgements associated with the business or property will have to be handled prior to the sale being completed. For a novice in pharmacy or practice acquisition, this could set your sale back by weeks or even months! However, a skilled attorney who has worked with other pharmacy or practice sales in the past can very beneficial and shorten this process tremendously.

Less-Than Perfect or Low FICO Credit Score
We can’t blame the pharmacy, practice or property for everything! If you are interested in buying a pharmacy, healthcare practice or commercial property, but your personal credit or your business’s credit isn’t strong enough, you need extra help. Working with a skilled attorney who has handled pharmacy, practice and real estate sales in the past can make your process much smoother.

US Medical Funding provides very competitive pharmacy, healthcare practice and commercial real estate loans and financing options to pharmacists and healthcare professionals throughout the nation. We help all our clients make smarter lending decisions by securing the best terms and partnering with the best professionals in the field. Call 800-683-0608 to make your next pharmacy, practice, and real estate purchase successful!