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Shrink Your Debt and Grow Your Medical Practice with Debt Consolidation and Refinancing!

If you own a business in the medical field, such as a pharmacy startup, specialty clinic, family doctor’s office, or any other medical practice, you need to pay close attention to your finances. In fact, the way that you use your medical debt could make or break your business! That’s why the team of smarter lenders at US Medical Funding is here for you. Today, we’ll share some tips to help shrink your debts and build your medical practice stronger than ever with debt consolidation and refinancing services.

Consolidate Carefully

One of the best moves that many medical practice managers can make is to consolidate debt. Instead of handling different bills with different due dates, ballooning rates, and multiple “dings” on your business credit report, a well-planned consolidation will streamline your debts into a single payment. When you work with a smarter medical lender in NJ like US Medical, you may find that your years in business have given your more bargaining power—in other words, lower rates!

Refinancing Tips

Even if you just have that one monster payment, refinancing your loan can still be a smart option. The loans you took when you first started your medical practice may not reflect your current status, or all the good, on-time payments you have made over the years! By refinancing your medical practice loans, you can take advantages of today’s incredible rates, and often get some extra cash in your pocket.

Jump When The Opportunity Arrives

Speaking of extra cash, debt consolidation and refinancing may be your time to jump on the active healthcare market now! Many of the best loans have options for additional funding, which may be your practice’s answer for a new telehealth system, technology upgrade, medical equipment purchase, or training initiative.

Don’t let today’s great rates and opportunities pass you by! Call US Medical today to start planning the future of your medical practice!