A Smarter Electronic Cash Advance

Turn tomorrow’s electronic sales into today’s cash flow. If you are in a rush, have sub-prime or poor credit and need an immediate working capital loan our Smarter Electronic Cash Advance may assist you in many ways. There is no faster, easier, or smarter way to get cash for your business.

What is an Electronic Cash Advance?

An electronic cash advance is a convenient and swift way to get your practice the working capital it needs. By purchasing a future portion of your practices future electronic receivables, our electronic cash advance will provide your business with an upfront, lump sum of cash.

The process is designed to get you the funds your business needs with ease and speed in mind; our electronic cash advance is typically repaid in less than 24 months. With an agreed upon small percentage that works with the flow of your practice, and payback is just as simple. There are no checks to write and no invoices to pay. You get your cash up front and in full. Consequently, the repayment of the funding will fluctuate with the practices cash flow; enabling the practice to be more cash flow positive.

Most commonly utilized electronic receivables are: Insurance ACH payments, Medicare EFT, Care Credit proceeds, billing company wires and credit card payments.

Why Choose Us?

Our electronic cash advance is a great financing option for practices and businesses that accept electronic payments. This alternative business financing was created specifically to address the problems of traditional financing options like complicated approval processes, long waiting periods, spending restrictions and high decline rates. You get a lump sum of cash deposited directly into your bank account!

Our electronic cash advance provides short-term working capital for dentists, veterinarians, physicians, medical specialists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists and many other healthcare centers and services.

Qualifying for our electronic cash advance is much easier than qualifying for a bank loan; there is no need to have great credit, show a profit or have a low debt to income ratio. We have various programs for all different credit types. Approval for our electronic cash advance is based on time in business and average monthly credit card volume. There are no upfront or hidden fees. There will only be an origination cost that will vary based on the factors above.

The average electronic cash advance typically approved and funded in less than 2 business days. The repayment is done automatically via a daily or weekly ACH from your main bank account.

Our electronic cash advance is an ideal solution for many of the following scenarios:

  • Provides rapid cash for emergencies and contingencies
  • Provides quick funds to balance uneven cash flow
  • Provides quick funds to manage slow months
  • Replenish your inventory
  • Paying taxes
  • Or however you choose…

Benefits and Program Highlights:

  • Loan amounts up to $350,000
  • Funding in as few as 24 hours
  • No collateral required
  • Available nationwide in all 50 states
  • All credit scores accepted
  • Same day preapproval
  • Up to 2 year terms
  • Customized automated payments

With our extensive experience and resources, USMF is the only financial resource in the healthcare industry that guarantees smarter financing and business solutions. No other bank or lending institution offers this commitment. Consider USMF your trusted personal financing consultant.

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Our Testimonials

  • USMF put together for me the most unique and competitive debt restructuring program I found. The resulting 30% monthly cash flow increase has given me greater revenues and allowed me to expand my practice and gain more control of my business. I highly recommend USMF.
    Joseph Seneczko

  • US Medical Funding was the most professional and knowledgeable company I spoke with. They were concerned with my needs and very willing to help and answer all my questions. My calls were always returned promptly. Their programs are flexible. They worked diligently to customize a program tailored to my specific financial needs. All deadlines were met. They went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend their services.
    Sonya Clover

  • Marc Cornella has been a trusted advisor since my transition from employee to employer. I had very little prior business experience when I started the process of buying my current practice. Marc not only guided me into a great mortgage but also advised me through my building acquisition two years later even though he did not directly broker the deal. I appreciate Marc’s skills so much that I have recommended Marc to my associate as she starts the process of buying into my practice.
    George Runnels

  • As a result of the customized financing program USMF tailored for our new, state-of-the-art facility, our revenues have grown, our profits are strong, and we have experienced greater control and satisfaction in our new business. Many thanks to Marc Cornella and the entire USMF staff!
    Sybil Davis

  • I want to sincerely thank US Medical Funding for all their hard work and dedication. They were able to help me secure a great loan with no money down, awesome interest rate and even helped me negotiate the right price with the seller. Very straight forward from day one. I am looking forward to work with you all on my second acquisition. Thanks again.
    Mike A.

  • I highly recommend US Medical Funding. Marc Cornella helped me with equipment purchase and working capital loans for my veterinary hospital. He was timely, creative at looking into several options and he really gave me a personal approach that set him apart from other companies. Because of his many years of experience in the industry, he was familiar with the companies we work with as a veterinary hospital which made it easy to communicate our needs to him. US Medical Funding really helped me out in a time of need and I would use them again in the future and I will recommend their services to my colleagues.
    Stephanie Lantry

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