Pet Ownership Boomed During the Pandemic—See How Additional Funding Helps Your Veterinary Practice Grow

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were busy staying at home and sanitizing everything in sight. What else did they do? For many people, adopting a new puppy, kitten, or other pet was a popular choice! For many veterinarians, this has resulted in a boom of new furry friends to be treated. Could additional funding help your veterinary practice grow? Keep reading to see how a veterinary practice loan could grow your office to new levels!

Expanded Practice Space

Between social distancing and your general desire to keep your animal patients safer, you need plenty of space in your veterinary office waiting room! Could your business benefit from a move to a bigger space, or an expansion to your existing structure? Some veterinarians have even been able to add more exam rooms, making room to hire another veterinary professional, or to offer additional services such as grooming.

Marketing and Advertising

New pet owners need to know where you are located and what kinds of services you provide! Unfortunately, marketing and advertising your veterinary practice can be costly. You won’t see a return on your investment until you invest, so finding an affordable veterinary loan is a good idea.

Specialty Services

Is there anyone in your community who treats exotic animals? Do you offer the emergency-use vaccination for “bunny ebola,” or rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2), the highly-contagious rabbit disease that wiped out an entire rabbit boarding office in Manhattan in 2020? Does your office offer parasite treatments for turtles? Does your veterinary clinic have an in-house pharmacy? Specialty services can involve costly materials, trainings, and certifications, but if your clinic is established as the only specialty veterinary practice in your area, you can see huge benefits!

There has never been a better time to open a start-up veterinary clinic, or to seek a veterinary practice loan to expand your existing veterinary office! With low rates and many special deals, you need to act fast to capture the business of all the new pet owners. US Medical Funding can help you find the best loans for your veterinary business, so give us a call today!