Now that the SBA Stimulus Programs Have Ended —Now Is The Time To Refinance Your Variable Higher Rate SBA Loan and Other Debt!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to refinance your higher rate SBA or other funding loan, and increase your cashflow, now is the time before rates start going up! If you’ve had your SBA loan for 24 months or more, and want to expand your pharmacy, dental, veterinary, or healthcare practice, this could be your chance to shine. A lower fixed rate conventional loan could be what just the doctor ordered!  Be able to budget by fixing your rate and lowering your overhead at the same time. A low fixed rate conventional loan will not require any personal assets to be pledged.  SO, you may even be able to free-up any personal assets that were originally pledged with your SBA loan.

Paying Down Debt

If your monthly bills are breaking your budget, you likely have a little more debt than you can afford. How can a new fixed rate conventional loan solve your debt problem? By consolidating old debt into newer, lower, fixed interest debt, you can save thousands. Even better, you can avoid late fees or credit dings by having the resources to pay your obligations promptly.

Finding the Best Employees

Human labor is in short supply these days, especially for healthcare and pharmacy professionals! Financing recruitment and training can be a challenge, but a lower rate conventional loan makes it much easier. Offer your new employees something the competition can’t and finance it with a fixed rate loan.

Expanding Your Technology

Practice and pharmacy technology doesn’t just make your business look good, it streamlines operations and ensures that you are working efficiently. Some technology opens up new revenue streams and services for your clients and patients, paying for itself over the years. This opportunity and decreased cost of funding could be your chance to stand out from the competition and bring in new business.

Act now and secure a low fixed rate conventional loan! Call US Medical Funding today to get the best terms and the best guidance on healthcare and pharmacy financing solutions.